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Denver-Boulder Family Law

Denver-Boulder Family Law

Representing Your Interests in a Colorado Divorce

If everyone were the same, you probably wouldn't need a lawyer to help you reach a fair settlement in a divorce case. You would simply divide all of your assets, split parenting time (custody) and support of your children 50-50, and then go your separate ways. However, most families don't operate that way.

The law firm of McDowell & Norman in Boulder, Colorado knows that people's lives are intertwined in complex ways. One spouse may have made more money, while the other contributed more to child care and running the household. One spouse may have owned the home prior to marriage, but both parties contributed to mortgage payments, repairs and remodeling expenses. To make a divorce settlement or Court resolution come out right, most people will need the help of an experienced lawyer.

A Complex System of Laws

In Colorado, we have a complex system of laws that were developed so that we could treat different people differently based on their different circumstances. While there are attorneys who dabble in divorce, it will help to have a lawyer who concentrates on family law and is familiar with how Colorado judges have ruled in cases similar to yours. We can help you discover and deal with all of your rights and responsibilities in a divorce settlement.

In Colorado, more people go to court on family law issues than in other type of legal case. Without a lawyer to protect your rights, you could end up being bullied by the other side and signing away your rights. At McDowell & Norman, we have dedicated our law practice to family law and protecting our clients' best interests.

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